How impending workforce shortages in the healthcare industry can be mitigated

Discuss how impending workforce shortages in the healthcare industry can be mitigated. Provide specific examples and your plan for addressing identified key shortages.

Expert Answer

The healthcare workforce shortage in the United States is one of the major problems affecting the delivery of care in the country. During this time of the corona virus, it is evident the negative impact that a healthcare workforce shortage could have a huge impact on the public’s health. The nursing shortage has been a common problem in the country, and the government looks for ways to address the nursing shortage in the country. The following are a few of the ways that the issue could be addressed.  The first solution is to increase access to education for healthcare professionals. Individuals interested in working in the healthcare industry should be encouraged to join medical education institutions such as nursing schools. It can be done through initiatives such as subsidizing healthcare education costs and the government offering scholarships to students interested in studying medical courses.

The interest that healthcare workers have in their profession also affects whether other members will join the profession. Healthcare workers should be educated on how to communicate with the community about their work. Positive communication encourages more people to be interested in the profession than when they have negative vibes about the profession.  In nursing care, healthcare organizations should avoid having competitive advertising and focus on joining resources to develop an image that elevates the nursing field. That will encourage members of the greater community to spark an interest in the healthcare profession and thus study and become nurses.  The other solution is to increase student enrollment in the tertiary institutions that offer medical care. The problem of healthcare workforce shortage is also related to how organizations and healthcare leaders value their employees. Employee turnover often leads to a workforce shortage. Therefore, leaders and healthcare managers have to learn how to appreciate and value their employees to avoid high rates of turnover in the healthcare industry.

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