How Global crimes that impact the management of worldwide justice systems and processes

Analyze specific, emerging challenges, and how they impact criminal justice agencies individually and collectively, including:

  • Global crimes that impact the management of worldwide justice systems and processes
  • The impact of terrorism on the management of criminal justice systems around the world
  • The impact of social media on the management of criminal justice

References: You must use at least 3 academic sources, excluding your weekly readings, list them on your reference slide, and cite them appropriately in the body of your presentation.

Expert Answer

The rise of global crime has affected how international criminal justice is carried out. Transactional global crimes impact the global economy and are believed to account for more than 3.6% of the total global economy. Money laundering is a global crime that governments have tried fighting for years.  Global crimes lead to threats of national and international security and the security and safety of the public. It also affects economic stability. International crimes affect the organization and functioning of criminal justice systems. It has led to the rise of the jurisdictional courts that are limited to global crime functions such as crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes of genocide (De la Cuesta, 2013).

Terrorism is aimed at the destruction of human rights and leads to increased insecurity on a global scale. Terrorism is challenging for the international criminal justice system. The system might not have the resources to counter-terrorism or the understanding of terrorist organized militias. Terrorism often destabilizes governments that make up the international criminal justice system. At times the criminal justice system has to oblige to terrorist demands for the sake of public safety and safety of the property. It is hard for the criminal justice system to hold on to terrorism as some states go-ahead to sponsor terror attacks across the globe (De Hoon, 2017).  Some states listed as state sponsors of terrorism include countries such as Iran, North Korea, Cuba, Libya, and Sudan, among others. It makes it hard for criminal justice agencies to unite and fight against the vice.

Social media has become an important tool through which criminal justice systems carry out their functions. Criminal justice agencies such as the police force use social websites as an effective way to monitor and understand what is happening within communities. It is easy for such agencies to identify crimes before they are committed through social media. The sites are also a fast way of communication to and from the criminal justice agencies. Police can get real-time information on crime happenings through social media and thus device a way to deal with such crimes (Isaac, 2018).

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