How do the changing technology and the falling barriers to trade and investment reflect the success of this company?

  • How do the changing technology and the falling barriers to trade and investment reflect the success of this company?
  • How does the company show corporate social responsibility in terms of labor conditions, human rights, fair trade, and the environment?
  • What actions can a multinational corporation take that would make globalization a positive development for the global economy?

Expert Answer

The changing technology and fewer trade barriers affect multinational companies in positive ways. This discussion will focus on Uniliver PLC as it is a multinational company that operates in hundreds of countries across the world.  The success of the company is attributed to the growth of technology and the falling barriers of trade. Technology improves the methods and processes of production within the company. It increases the production capabilities of the company and therefore enables it to meet the huge market demand. The company deals with household items such as detergents and thousands of other products. Production technologies have allowed it to increase production efficiency and enhance the quality of products within the company. Fewer trade barriers have allowed the company to operate in multiple economies and have a wider market share. Unilever was founded in the United Kingdom but has grown to be a household name worldwide.

The company’s social responsibility strategy is greatly focused on its stakeholders. The greatest focus is on the consumer, and the company aims at solving social issues that their consumers might be facing. Unilever is focused on product quality as well as maintaining the environmental impact of its product. The company makes sure that it reduces its environmental impact or carbon footprint during production. Uniliver also focuses on its employees, where HR policies promote a work-life balance, thus helping satisfy the employees’ needs.  The CSR strategy creates flexibility for employees and creates favorable working conditions within the organization. Unilever is also known for participating in social and community-oriented activities and supporting initiatives that help reduce poverty rates in most vulnerable populations in the world.

Multinational corporations should ensure that globalization has a positive impact on the development of global activity. The companies should ensure that they create wealth and distribute it in equal measures across the globe. They should not only invest in their home country but also in other territories that they operate in. Such activity will create employment opportunities in different jurisdictions and therefore influence the economic growth of such areas. The companies should also recruit diverse people in their hiring and recruitment process. Cultural diversity in recruitment is a way of increasing globalization and influence the global economy.  Multinational companies should also support increased and inclusive cooperation. The company’s subsidiaries in developed and developing countries should work together to solve global issues and deliver a global order that can increase the success of the global economy. By promoting global cooperation, the company will enhance the positive impact of globalization on the world’s economy.


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