How can population health principles help reduce high-cost and low-value clinical events?

How can population health principles help reduce high-cost and low-value clinical events? Consider events such as readmissions and avoidable complications.

Expert Answer

Population health principles play a critical role in ensuring the development of the health of the public. The principles also ensure the provision of safe and quality care to all members of the public within a given jurisdiction. There are various ways population health principles address the issues of high cost and low value of clinical events.  The first way is to identify or detect, treat, and mitigate diseases that are most likely to affect at-risk populations or symptomatic individuals. It is the work of public healthcare professionals to identify health issues that are affecting the public. With such identification, it is easy to research the issues and the best ways to treat them before they grow out of hand.

The principle of equity also ensures that healthcare services are accessible to all people within the population. They ensure that the care individuals obtain from healthcare facilities are similar and that there are no instances of discrimination regarding treatment. Prejudice and discrimination in healthcare often lead to disparities that affect the quality of care that patients receive. The public health principles also require healthcare providers and their human resource departments to have strategic planning that is in line with the public’s health needs. The above ensures that the public’s health needs are met, such as preventing and vaccinating against infectious diseases. Therefore, it will reduce the number of people within a population that will require healthcare attention and improve the general health of the population.

Principles of public health care and public healthcare policies enable members to participate in the healthcare process. Through such participation, members of the public can learn more about public health issues and how to take care of their health. The principle allows the public members to know about preventable diseases and how to prevent them. Participation also allows the public to have their voice heard regarding healthcare concerns that they might have. It is a way through which the public can consult and get empowered to make healthcare decisions that align with the public health goals. In doing so, the public is likely to be healthier, thus reducing healthcare costs and improving the value of care that patients receive.

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