How can community health nurse recognize bias, stereotypes, and implicit bias.

More often than not, experienced nurses find it very difficult to admit that they may be biased towards some of their patients. An inherent or implicit bias can be described as a human trait that is subconscious and interferes with good and effective nursing practices. The best way of dealing with such biases is by recognizing and understanding bias and stereotypes that exist within the community. Recognizing personal feelings with regard to certain patient populations is the first step that a health nurse takes in identifying stereotypes and bias in the community. Cultural competence in nursing refers to the ability of the health nurse to understand their culture and also to be able to interact and communicate effectively with patients across different cultures (Jeffreys, 2015).

The health nurse should conduct a self-evaluation that will showcase some of the cultural assumptions that the nurse has towards some patient communities. The next step is to identify what triggers the stereotype or bias e.g., the patient’s appearance, accent, or the mode of clothing. The health nurse should, therefore, make an effort to get to know more about the patient before making a conclusion based on the patient’s physical attributes. Several strategies can be employed with the aim of reducing cultural dissonance and bias to deliver culturally competent health care services. Creating cultural awareness and active listening skills at the workplace is critical to enhancing cultural competence (Butler, McCreedy, Schwer, Burgess, Call, Przedworski, … & Kane, 2016). Also, creating a platform that health care providers can use to talk about the different biases and stereotypes present in the workplace will help in reducing cultural incompetence. Open sessions and seminars can be held as a way of confronting the issue while having a significant impact on the subconscious opinions that a health nurse can develop.

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