Health Care Reform

Health Care Reform


Health care is currently facing one of the most challenging situations world wide, and there is a need to improve or even transform the entire health care sector. Healthcare management has been faced with one of the most challenging outbreaks. This COVID19 pandemic has left the whole world healthcare system desperate and hugely exposed as one of the most vulnerable sectors in the entire world (King). The COVID19 pandemic state in Wuhan, China, escalated to the whole world, leaving several people infected and thousands of people dead. The analysis herein is adapted from a blog post by Jaime king-Covid-19 and the Need for Health Care Reform. Consequently, the discussion herein will analyze the issue of COVID19, its implications, the reforms it brought about and how it has affected the reforms.

The COVID19 pandemic has brought many financial constraints in the entire world, with many financial complications and limitations. The pandemic brought a total lockdown to most nations, which consequently interfered with most of the world’s economic activities. Most of the businesses were closed, and the entire world economy was put under a significant threat and was on the verge of collapsing (King). Severe economic restraints were realized as most places were closed. The COVID 19 pandemic has expelled the American healthcare system to see the need to have universal health care coverage for everyone, leading to financial constraints and demands.

The primary issue brought about the pandemic is the need for healthcare reform and transformation, which aims to improve the entire delivery of healthcare. The point of healthcare reform has financial complications and constraints that have affected the people of America. In an analysis of this whole issue of the COVID19, many things are at stake, and many considerations are to be made in this analysis. The healthcare systems require drastic measures to be put in place to help them be ready and steadfast in dealing with a similar issue in the future. The pandemic exposed America’s healthcare system as one of the most vulnerable by recording the highest number of deaths in the entire world. Consequently, it revealed the weak points of American healthcare systems, which need severe adjustments and improvements (King). Congress thus passed a legislature known as the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA), which will transform the healthcare system’s response to family.

The final submission on this subject matter, and by expanding on the same, it is essential to note the various complications, have been realized as a result of the COVID19 pandemic—these complications as brought about a positive response to the healthcare sector. More reforms have been put in place to ensure that more individuals can access free medical care and respond quickly to such cases. The COVID 19 pandemic can be a blessing in disguise to some people who could not access medical care due to financial or social status but can now access such due to the reform. Many countries with inadequate healthcare systems had to up their game and improve their entire healthcare systems to provide quality services to their citizens. COVID 19 has also brought about the need for economic and environmental reforms to have a better world. In addition to all this, the world is woken up, and many technological advancements are to be considered to improve the entire healthcare system.

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