Fundamentals of Nursing Lecture Notes

Fundamentals of Nursing Lecture Notes
1.) Origination of the word “nurse”
– Latin word “nutrix” meaning nourish
2.) World War II on the development of nursing
– large numbers of women worked outside the home, became more assertive and
independent, led to increased emphasis on education, exploration in technology and medicine
broadening the role of nurses (1950s).
3.) The first training school was established for nurses and write books about healthcare
and nursing education was Florence Nightingale.

4.) Roles as a nurse include communicator, teacher, counselor, leader, researcher,
advocate, and collaborator.
5.) The theory of animism is that good spirits brought health and bad spirits brought
sickness and disease: role of doctor was medicine man and nurse is mom taking care of family.
6.) When coping with disability and death nurses use optimal function of maximum strengths
and potentials, refer to community support systems; provide care to families and patients during
end-of-life care, hospice.
The Nursing Process
1.) guideline helps nurse implement their roles
2.) integrates art and source of nursing
3.) Allows nurses to use critical thinking and clinical reasoning
4.) defines the areas of care that are within the domain of Nursing Nurse Practice Acts
5.) define legal scope of nursing practice
6.) create state board of nursing to make and enforce rules and regulation
7.) define important terms and activities in nursing, including legal requirements and titles
for the education and licenses of nurses.
5 Vital Signs
1.) respiration
2.) pulse rate
3.) blood pressure
4.) temperature
5.) pain
Nursing is Defined as What?
1.) well defined body specific and unique knowledge
2.) strong service orientation
3.) recognized authority by a professional group (ANA)
4.) code of ethics
5.) professional organizations that sets standards
6.) ongoing research

7.) autonomy and self-regulation
Goals of Nursing Research
1.) improve care in clinical setting
2.) study people and nurse process
3.) education, policy development, ethics, nursing history
4.) develop greater autonomy and strength as a profession
5.) provide evidence-based nursing practice

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