Explain why you think the patient presented the symptoms described.


Various signs and symptoms are often signs of a particular underlying or developing problem in a human being’s body. Cellular alteration causes various conditions in human beings, such as different types of cancers. In the case study, the 65-year-old patient is likely suffering from colon cancer. The symptoms are related to the condition, and the tests carried out later reveal that he has multiple polyps. Such signs and symptoms are a result of the body reacting toward colon cancer.


The patient presented the symptoms because of the cell alteration process. The symptoms result from the change in the cell’s growth patterns where the cancerous cells grow faster than the normal cells and cause the symptoms. The patient is likely to be ailing from colon cancer and thus, the signs and symptoms. Fever is caused in the early stages of the condition due to bacterial infection in the colon (Sears, 2018). The patient could have also presented the symptoms because of their overall health. Being overweight increases the risk that an individual has to cancer. The patient in the case study is elderly and obese. This increases their risk of cancer and, therefore, the symptoms associated with cancer.

Colon cancer is a disease that is mostly inherited as it can be passed from one generation to another. Various genes are involved in the inherited characteristics of the disease. The genes involved in colorectal cancers include the MSH6 genes, MSH2 genes, and MLH1 genes. The first two genes are found on chromosome 2, while the last gene is found on chromosome 3. The genes are used to make repairs to mistake made during replicating DNA (Ahmed, 2020). In some cases, the gene proteins become mutated and therefore fail to work properly. The mistakes in the genes are not repaired, damaging the cell’s DNA and therefore leading to colon cancer. The case study shows that the patient most likely inherited cancer from his paternal grandfather. The case shows that the grandfather suffered from colon cancer and succumbed to the condition. There is a high likelihood that the cancer genes manifested in the grandson, the male patient in the case study.

Immuno-suppression is when the body, naturally or through the assistance of drugs, reduces its immune system’s capabilities. It reduces the strength of the immune system to prevent it from fighting foreign bodies to help the body recover from particular conditions. The body becomes less likely to reject medical treatment and procedures such as implants. It leads to permanent or temporary dysfunction of the immune response (Kim, 2018). It, however, makes the body susceptible to disease.

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