Explain the impact of Mona Lisa painting in the field of art.

The Mona Lisa is a half-length portrait painting created by a famous Italian artist by the name of Leonardo Da Vinci. It is viewed as a gem of the archetypal type from the Italian Renaissance period and has been detailed as “the most well-known, the most looked in on, the most put down, the most sung, the most parodied of artworks in the world. Prominent qualities of the painting encompass the subject’s appearance, which at many times is perceived as a mystery, the composition’s monumentality, abstract shapes and atmospheric illusionism. (Magalhães, 2020)

The job is possibly painted with oil on a white Lombardy poplar panel and is of Italian noble lady Lisa Gherardini, wife of Francesco del Giocondo. The painting is thought to have been brought to life between 1503 and 1506; though, Da Vinci might have taken more time to work on it as far as 1517. Fresh scholarly material propound that it was not started before 1513. It was obtained by King Francis Ⅰ of France and is now an asset of France. It has been showcased permanently at the Louvre Museum located in the French capital of Paris since 1797.

It is one of the most prized paintings in the world. It sits at the topmost of the Guinness World Record for the most expensive known insurance cost in the history of painting at 100 million dollars in 1962. (which is the same as 650 million dollars as of 2018). The title of the painting is a description by the historian of Renaissance art Giorgio Vasari and known in English as Mona Lisa. Mona is a courteous way of addressing developing as madonna – same as Madam Ma’am or My lady in English.


It became a madonna and a mona for contraction. The title of this work is also widely written in Modern Italian, though it is usually written Mona (as the one used by Vasari) as Monna Lisa, it’s not popular in English.

The well-known smile of the Mona Lisa represents the sitter just as the juniper branches represent Ginevra Benci. In their portraits, in Washington, in Krakow respectively, the hermit represents Cecilia Gallerani. It reflects the concept of happiness presented by the Italian term “Gioconda.” The core explanation for the portrait was this notion of happiness: Leonardo made the work an ideal concept. The landscape nature is also significant. The middle gap is warm in colours at the same amount as the chest of the sitter.

There’s a winding road and a bridge in this area for guys. This space reflects the gap between the sitter’s room and the distance, where the countryside turns into a wild and uninhabited field of rocks and water extending to the horizon, cleverly drawn by Leonardo at the level of the sitter’s eyes. Because of the expressive fusion between sitter and landscape that Da Vinci achieved, it is questionable whether Mona Lisa should be regarded as a conventional portrait since it represents an ideal instead of a true individual. The sense of global peace, which is particularly evident in the slight smile of the sitter, reflects the concept of a bond between nature and humanity. (Keyghobadi, 2014)

Judging by how the work was created, the sense of caring has captured me as a result of the interaction between the woman in the painting and the environment. The interactions between the two bring out peace at its best between the human species and the environment that they live in. This has taught me that caring for one work is important in order to achieve greater things as visually Leonardo achieved perfection in his art. Another virtue that I have learnt is to

be patient this is as a result of the time Leonardo took to create the magnificent Mona Lisa painting. Maybe if he had rushed the end result would be disastrous

Art has influenced me in that through visual representations one is able to pass different messages and express himself or herself outright in a more relatable fashion to people who appreciate effort and time in what an individual has set to achieve. The effect of this class on my career is to become a master at what I do and to be goal-oriented no matter the time it takes to achieve what I want.

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