[EXAMPLE] Symbols Text & Meaning – Create your own advertisement


Advertisement is one of the most vouch for way of reaching out potential customers for any business. The general populace is deluged with more than 1,700 banner ads every month, however they only see half of them. According to Milenkovic (2020), 84% of people want brands to build content for them to visit such spots. The restaurant business is very competitive and advertising the services and products that a restaurant offers gives it more leverage over its next competitors. The Brown Restaurant offers unique services but has for long being in grave need of customers visiting this amazing joint making this ad very timely. In this section, the focus will be on describing different information about the advert process, language, logo and its anticipated impact.

Thinking and creating an advertisement or logo for a restaurant is not an easy process as it requires creativity and visual appeal to captivate potential customers. However, the process can be made simpler if relevant information and facts are accessible. After finding all these information, the ad could be made in a visually impressive manner. Every ad has a way it communicates to the customer. The language in this advertisement sells out The Brown Restaurant ideas of beauty, elegance and affordability with a message of uniqueness and customer value. The words, “premium drink served,” right in the foreground of the ad shows the restaurants top quality products and services. Couples and women might seem to get attached to such positive connotations of having an amazing time and accessing premium products and services at customer friendly prices. The bolded and centrally placed word, “Steak Night,” conceives the idea of a lovely evening for people who may wish to enjoy themselves with incredibly made meals. Although the ad does not go on to provide too much information, its message is well communicated.

In the slogan, “Get the finger licking experience,” is metaphoric such that it implies the dishes served at The Brown Restaurant are delicious that you may lick your fingers when you have a taste of flavors. This stylist device correlates with hyperbole such that it exaggerates the message with an intent of evoking strong feeling and creating a strong impression of the Restaurant even if the words may not literally mean as they say. When you look at the logo, it is as if the chef is symbolizing sweetness whilst calling out the customers to come try it out. The logo for some reasons looks as it is to signal professionalism at Brown’s kitchen; or it creates an impression that all meals are tasty and made by the best chef in town.

Within this ad, there are different fonts used. These are intended to grab the attention of the audience and stress on what seems to be of grave importance. The fonts used in ads communicate various meanings to the reader. Classical fonts have a clear personality, whereas more recent fonts have a simpler, neutral appearance. Bold fonts are used to render representations which quickly catch the reader’s eye. The decisions made on this ad were with the intent of communicating of the amazing Thursday meals that would satisfy the targeted population in town. These would include young men and women, college or university students, meat-eaters, couples with need of romancing dinner on their list or families. I believe that this advert is a success as it is captivating and appealing to the audience. Its success also rely on its visual presentation to impact on the mindset of the audience with the deliciously looking steak. It may elicit social change in the way people choose to dine on Thursday’s if success precede. Changes will only be possible if this becomes a normal activity for many people in the area.

In conclusion, advertising requires a lot of innovative and creative minds. But what is most important is drafting an advert with a particular audience or target customers in mind. As discussed above, the message can be delivered in different ways but the choice of language, slogan and logo could play vital part in this process. Advertisement and logo are intended to have an effect to the community or society’s perception and promote social life changes if successful in the objectives intended. Therefore, these are crucial facts that came up during the thinking and drafting process.

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