Evidence-Based Project Introduction to Clinical Inquiry

Nurse Burnout as a Clinical Issue

  • It is a physical, emotional and mental state caused by chronic overwork
  • It is also caused by lack of support from other healthcare professionals and lack of job fulfillment
  • The pressure from team mates of job demands also cause burnout
  • If unaddressed, it leads to depression and poor delivery of care
  • It leads to poor patient outcomes

Use of Keywords

  • Choosing search terms-such as work burnout, nurses burnout and turnover, mental health of nurses at workplace, nursing work stressors
  • Getting a list of words and phrases in line with PICO model relating to the topic of nurse burnout
  • Choosing important keywords from the short search phrases such as: nurse, burnout, workload, stressors, mental health etc.
  • Searching for the key words and phrases in the results that appear from a search

Research databases used in the research

  • Science Direct- deals with sources related to life, physical science, medicine, technical fields and also some humanities and social sciences
  • Psyc INFO-has peer reviewed literature on mental health and behavioral sciences
  • TRIP Database-Has evidence based clinical materials, guidelines and tools
  • PubMed-Has research projects and books related to human health and medicine


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