Every business within the community has the responsibility of contributing to the overall health of the community

Every business within the community has the responsibility of contributing to the overall health of the community. It should, however, be noted that the overall state of the community is the collective responsibility of all community members. Rachel Hutchisson states that social responsibility starts with an individual because people are the heart of every organization (YouTube, n.d.). Therefore, it follows that businesses within the community have the responsibility of giving back to the community. As the business organization taps into the resources of the community, such as human labor and raw materials for the production process, it is vital that the business also gives back by creating a positive domino effect in the community. This way, the benefits reaped by the business will be felt by all members of the community.
Businesses and employers are obligated to address some of the larger issues in society. Some of these issues include social injustice and environmental challenges. In the process of doing business in any community, an employer is obligated to improve society by improving community welfare (YouTube, n.d.). Businesses are obligated to protect the environment by reducing their impact on the environment. This can be achieved by reducing its carbon footprint and environmental degradation activities. Employers are also expected to empower their employees by promoting and advocating for social justice regardless of the background of the employee.
Investment in a particular society is beneficial to a business organization because society will feel appreciated and valued. Social responsibility improves the organization’s image in society, and in the long run, there will be the formation of strong and healthy relationships between the business and the society (Lai et al. 2010). Customers are attracted to organizations that are mindful of the society where they are conducting business activities, thereby raising the sales and revenue streams.

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