Enterprise architectures and distributed systems

Enterprise architecture is an elaborate approach of making an enterprise’s analysis and setting achievable standards to guide the different organizations that make the enterprise to achieve their goals. Both the private and public sectors have enterprise architectures to ensure that the strategies set are effective. The policies used must include the use of advanced technology to facilitate proper communication within the enterprise. A distributed system, on the other hand, is a system whereby an organization comprises different computer components that are not necessarily in one place but are still linked. The firm, therefore, seems like it is operating as one entity.

An example of enterprise architecture is the project management process (Hinkelmann et al. 2016). The process consists of five significant phases that describe a project all the way from its inception stage to execution and monitoring of the project. The management process is well detailed so that every department is aware of its contribution to the success of the project. An example of a distributed system is a telecommunication network. Such a network enables people to stay connected by using telephones and other cellular gadgets. The gadgets are distributed since different people across the world have them, but their operations are centrally controlled from one place.
Distributed systems have various advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that if one part of the system crashes, the rest of the system components continue to function normally because the pieces are all independent. The system is open; thus, accessibility is easy both remotely and locally. There is high performance as compared to the centralized system because the distributed system is faster. Identifying a niche in the system is not difficult, and necessary steps can be taken to fill the gap. Some of the disadvantages include security issues that may arise due to the sharing of the machines and information. High initial costs are required to set up a distributed system. The system may also be complex to operate in terms of both hardware and software. In conclusion, organizations should consider adopting the distributed network because all the challenges associated with it can be solved.

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