Employee Assessment discussion


The Social Styles assessment is used to classify people according to their different personalities and how they interact with others. A self-assessment test of the different social styles uses a questionnaire with questions that are used to determine the level of assertiveness and responsiveness. The total score on responsiveness and assertiveness is divided by 15, and the corresponding values are plotted on a dominance scale. There are various reliability and validity studies that have been conducted on the social styles assessment (Balbert, 2017). The International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research and Allied Sciences conducted a reliability, validity, and feasibility study on the social styles assessment and proved that the test is both highly reliable and valid (“Study of feasibility, validity, reliability, and norm-finding of scale of social styles in employees of Tehran regional electricity company,” n.d.). This is the best tool for designing employee development offerings due to its high degree of validity and reliability.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test is a psychological instrument that is administered by qualified practitioners through a questionnaire. The entire administration process takes approximately thirty minutes to complete, although there is no stipulated time limit form test completion. The Myers & Briggs Foundation has conducted validity and reliability tests on the assessment instrument and has proven that it is reliable (Stein & Swan, 2019). However, there are questions as to whether the instrument is completely reliable because an individual can end up getting different results if they take the test multiple times. This tool is ranked second to the social styles test in terms of designing employee development offerings.

The DISC assessment tool is used to categorize people with Dominance, influence, steadiness, and conscientiousness personalities. The DISC tool is administered using a questionnaire that has approximately 80 questions regarding an individual’s personality (Marston). The test can take approximately 15 minutes, although there is no stipulated time frame of completing the test. This assessment is considered to be valid when it comes to feedback and statistical analysis. This tool is ranked last in designing employee development offerings because of its low levels of reliability.

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