Discussion: Organizational Policies and Practices to Support Healthcare Issues

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) which was passed in 2010 brought about changes in the health care system of the Unite States. The provisions made such as the Medicaid expansion and payment reforms led to an increase in demand which further strained an already strained health care system with physician shortage. This brings about a crisis as the health care system cannot be able to take care of an aging population characterized by an increase in the number of chronic illnesses (Protection Act, 2010)). The needs of the workforce in this instance are competing with the provision of better health care. To be able to provide sufficient care, the health care professionals have to work for longer hours. However, it is not advisable for them to work for long hours as it impairs their judgment and can lead to a series of other medical conditions.
In the issue of insufficient funds to cover the health care facility’s overheads, there are two main competing needs. The vow which medical professionals take has to be upheld at all times. However, there are patients who require care but are not able to cater for the medical costs (Wherry & Miller, 2016). A medical practitioner is left with a dilemma of whether to treat the patient or deny them the treatment. The government can intervene to ease the burden that the health care sector is going through. To be able to provide sufficient care, there has t be sufficient funding (Moses et al, 2013). Therefore, by increasing funding to the health care sectors, the facilities can cover their overhead costs and provide care without discrimination.

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