Determine which operating expenses on the Statement of Operations for each organization are fixed variable and mixed.

Compare the data of two hospitals:  Atlantic General Hospital and Frederick Regional Health Systems.  The reports for these organizations are attached. Download and review the two PDF. As you review the Statement of Operations for these organizations you will see some similarities and differences.

Prepare a 3-page narrative report (including exhibits) in Microsoft Word (using the template provided) with at least 2 scholarly sources. You will embed a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet with your calculations into your Word document. Follow the template provided for the calculations. The narrative explanation requires the use of proper APA format, complete sentences and citations in APA format. The narrative MUST be written in third person.

1. Determine which operating expenses on the Statement of Operations for each organization are fixed, variable and mixed.  Please notes some items will be different between these two organizations so you may have different titles for these companies listed.  Be sure to give a brief explanation of why you classified each cost as fixed, mixed or variable.

2. Using the Excel template provided determine the percentage of total fixed, variable and mixed operating expenses to total operating expenses for each organization for 2016 and 2015 by keying in the required data.

Compare the results of the two organization for the two years and discuss which group of cost you would have the most control over as a manager and why.  Also discuss how these costs will change if there is an increase or decrease in the number of patients.  Include in your discussion detailed examples based on your data.

Submit your work in the attached Word document embedding the calculations from the Excel template provided.

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