Databases impact on the nursing and medical professions.

Disc 1 Response

Nursing databases are an important way nurses input, arrange, and retrieve information related to their patients’ health. The databases are a technological milestone in the healthcare industry, and they have helped to increase efficiency and improve the quality and safety of care delivery. The interesting fact about databases is how quick information can be accessed. As shown in the discussion post, nurses can easily obtain all the information they need about a patient’s health, current, and past data at the click of a button. Such data is important when deciding the form of treatment that a patient should receive. The databases replace the old filing systems that were an inconvenience in so many ways. The tracking capabilities of databases make it easy to coordinate care, and it also encourages intra-professional collaborations. The above is critical when a patient has to be treated by more than one physician. Security is important in a database and could be a drawback if not dealt with. Most databases are internet-based and could be vulnerable to unauthorized access. Healthcare facilities should ensure that privacy and security protocols are put in place to safeguard patients’ data.

Disc 2 Response

Databases have a positive impact on the nursing and medical professions. They have improved how care is delivered and the patient outcomes and satisfaction with the provided care. Nurses have benefited most from the development of the technology as they no longer have to walk around with a load of files trying to retrieve data from a patient’s record. Manual referencing of data from a file system is a tedious task and consumes a lot of time. In a database system, things can be retrieved at the click of a button. It is even easier when a nurse wants to search for specific information; let us say about a patient’s previous medication or condition. They could easily key in a keyword, and the database will search through the patient’s records for such a keyword. Healthcare databases have, therefore, not only increased efficiency but also the reliability of data used to treat patients. Understanding the components of a database system will help a nurse increase their knowledge and skills using the system. The barriers to effective use of databases make it hard for nurses to fully adapt to technology. Technical barriers, skill barriers, and organizational financial barriers are just a few of the many drawbacks to implementing the system. Nurses should strive to increase their database management skills and use and seek training on the same. Doing so will allow them to optimize the benefits of using database systems.

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