Databases have become an essential technological development

Databases have become an essential technological development in the field of healthcare. The databases have significantly affected the nursing segment as nurses benefit the most from the use of healthcare databases. Mr. Clarks should communicate to the class about the development of databases to keep patient health records in the healthcare industry. He should also communicate to the class that databases are used in healthcare settings to increase efficiency in delivering care. Mr. Clarks should also communicate with the class how the databases increase the safety and quality of care the patient receives. He should also inform the class that the databases enable inter-professional collaborations when treating a patient. Information in the databases an easily be shared among various care providers dealing with the patients health. They, therefore, ensure consistency in the care given and thus improve the patient outcomes.

Mr. Clarks should also communicate on the barriers to the use of electronic client records in the field of nursing. The first difficulty he should communicate is the lack of skills from nursing professionals, which affects the database’s use. He should show that computer illiteracy among the nursing workforce could render the use of the technology ineffective. He should also discuss financial barriers to the adoption of such databases, especially in small healthcare practices. Electronic client records require hardware and software properties that are expensive to install and to maintain. Healthcare facilities without the financial capabilities to adopt the same tend to remain with the conventional forms of record keeping. Another barrier to the effective use of electronic client records is the lack of time by staff members to go through training on how to use the systems. Nursing professionals are always busy taking care of their patients, and most lack time to teach themselves computer skills that would make the use of electronic client systems easier.

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