Conference: Florida history.

Conference: Florida history.
For hundreds of years, Florida was a slaver free zone. But the demand for labors in
different areas created a need to be fed. In the first Spanish period, there were very few people in
Florida, and most of them were in the west. It was said that in 1890 there were around 900
people in the state they invited people from Europe and they came with their slaver. The first
slavers arrived by the Spanish. So the population grew quickly reaching by today around six
millions of people.

In the second Spanish periods, the slavery continues, there was new investment coming
from Europe and along with that, more slaver. By the time, Spain was trying to buy the Florida
territory by 5 millions of dollars. For the slaves, escape was difficult, but it was not an option for
Florida State has always been productive, in Miami were several plantations such as
tobacco and cotton, with a few slavers, but at least one per farm. While in the significant fields
there were around six or seven but that was to the west and east of Florida. In contrast with other
states, Florida had fewer slavers, because they had fewer farms, so it did not demand many
slavers. Although in 1840 many new plantations were built, making a high demand to work on
the field and brought 2049 slavers by 1877.
As there was just one slaver per farm, the owners allowed their relationship. Letting them
to Practice ceremonies authorized to be married. The religion was very hybrid but rich in culture
mixture combining African practices with the Spanish culture which was and still is Christian.
Once the marriage was legally set for them at least 10,000 slaves couples rushed to get married.

Within the end of the civil war, came a new era for the slavery population, the end of slavery,
being officially abolished on June 1956

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