Businesses within the community have a responsibility

Businesses within the community have a responsibility to contribute to the overall health of the community that they operate. No matter the size of the business be it small or big, the enterprise does not operate in a bubble. It interacts with employees, suppliers and consumers of their products all who are members of the immediate community they serve. The business in itself acts as a member of the community, and just like any other person, has social responsibilities to the community. Corporate social responsibility should not only be kept for giant corporations, and we have had it in the past.
Every single business in the community has a role to play in its capacity to ensure the well being and the sustainability of its community. Doing good in the community as stated by Rachel Hutchisson in the speech is for everyone, for small businesses, NGOs and all organizations in the community. The human mentality should stop thinking that only huge organizations are wired to do good within the community. Despite the size of a business, big or small, or the structure, people are at the heart of the organization. The focus on social responsibility should be based on human principles of responsibility as the business is run by people and meant for the benefit of the people.
Employers and businesses have to address various responsibilities within the community to deal with issues that affect members of the community. Businesses have the mandate to conserve the environment, especially those that use natural resources as raw material or businesses that are involved in manufacturing or production centers. Preserving the environment requires businesses to reduce their carbon footprint and also use environmentally friendly methods of production. The firm has the responsibility of improving work conditions and labor policies that will ensure that members of the community working for the business are in a safe working environment. Such businesses also have the responsibility to contribute financially towards activities within their community of operations. Charitable giving, through fundraising or donations, go a long way in solving societal issues that need financial interventions.
The businesses also have the social responsibility of promoting justices within the community, starting with their employees. Sustainability is a crucial theme for the 21st century; businesses, therefore, have the responsibility of supporting the sustainability model in the hope of achieving a better future for the community. They should also participate in community activities such as celebrations, therefore creating a strong bond with the community. Businesses have the responsibility of feeding the hungry and the poor in the community through having a food program. Not everyone has access to the basic needs. Therefore businesses should try making sure that at least it plays a role in eliminating problems such as hunger within the community it operates.
Investments in a particular community or society are beneficial to the business.  According to the talk by Rachel, social responsibility leads to an improved brand image, a brand that members of the community will be proud to associate with. Members of the community also have a positive image of the business, which promotes a positive reputation. Social responsibility investments also lead to increased consumer loyalty increases sales and revenues, which lead to a better financial performance of the business. Another benefit is that it is easier for such companies that have invested in the community, to attract and retain quality talent.
Source:  Hutchisson, R. (2016, October 27). The Era of Corporate Social Responsibility is Ending [Video]. YouTube.

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