Assignment 1 Housing Project

Project Summary
The United Nations plays a unique role in providing essential needs to human beings all over the world. One notable effort of the organization is the construction of affordable housing for most vulnerable members of the community. The project has the aim of working together with the United Nations in putting up presentable houses for low-income earners and disadvantaged families in New York DC. The project will also support the rising population in Washington, DC. The plan is to build one thousand houses that will be comfortable and affordable to the targeted group. The stakeholders will identify the vulnerable groups through liaising with the Washington DC Statistics Department and leaders.  The time frame for the project is eighteen months (18).

Goals and Objectives
Objective 1:  To provide adequate housing that will meet the needs of the community and provide the same at affordable prices

  • Accommodation in Washington Dc is costly, and it is hard for low-income families to afford such housing. The housing policy shall provide rental assistance and mortgage plans for low-income families that would want to own a home. The objective to access housing will also ensure that low-income communities are not evicted during construction
  • Help leverage the Washington DC government programs to incentivize landlords to help in the provision of housing to families and individuals with leasing barriers

Objective 2: Prevent and end Homelessness

  • The project will achieve the above by proactively pursuing access to affordable housing for poor and homeless individuals who otherwise cannot afford current housing rates in Washington DC
  • The project will start by providing temporary shelters to homeless individuals where necessary
  • At the end of the project, homeless individuals will be provided with permanent affordable housing

Objective 3: To enable people with disability and low income to be able to live independently within the community

  • The current housing system in Washington DC was designed many years ago, and the architects did not put into consideration the fact that there would be individuals with disabilities within the community
  • The modern design that will be used in the construction project will facilitate access for people with disabilities within the community

Objective 3: To meet the increasing need for housing in the community

  • Sufficient supply of rental homes will help house the rapidly growing population
  • The project will also ensure the supply of affordable ownership housing needs to meet the current and future needs

Objective 4: To improve and ensure availability of common infrastructure such as transport infrastructure near affordable housing

  • Most individuals that cannot afford existing housing are likely not to afford vehicles. It is thus essential that the housing is close to common infrastructures
  • The project will employ transit-oriented development principles

Objective 5: To promote environmental quality in the housing development process

  • The affordable housing project will ensure energy efficiency.

Milestones and Deliverables

  1. The first milestone of the project is securing funding. The project’s funding will come from government grants and the efforts of the United Nations. The funding has been ongoing for a while and will end two weeks before the commencement of the project. The process will also include acquiring the site that the construction will take place in. The project needs a lot of funding and cannot commence without such financing. Huge NGOs such as the United Nations are perfect partners that would help obtain such funding
  2. Another milestone will be to appoint construction consultants. The individuals will work under specialized capacity. The process will include selecting project managers, cost consultants and service engineers, among others.
  • Completing design stages- Architects, urban planners and designers will be mandated with the task. It will involve the layout of the housing units and planning on how they will integrate the new development with already existing infrastructure. The project team will also seek approval of the development designs from the local government.
  1. Tendering the construction contract- The construction project will involve many departments and specialized units. Getting the right people to perform the right tasks under a set schedule
  2. Commencement of construction of housing units, inspection and approval of housing units as habitable


·         Securing Funding 28th August 2019 28th May 2020 9 months
·         Appointing construction consultants 30th May 11th June 2 weeks
·         Completing Designs 12th June 12th July 1 month
·         Seeking Approval 13th July 27th July 2 weeks
·         Tendering Contracts 28th July 28th August 1 month
·         Commencing Construction 1st September 31st August 2021 1 Year
·         Inspection of housing units 1st Sept 2021 1st November 2021 2 months
·         Tenants moving in 1st December ………….  
TOTAL 30th May 2020 1st December 2021 18 months

Project Budget

  1. Targeted Affordable Housing- the project is aimed at building affordable homes for 160 families in Washington Dc. The budget for the construction of such homes stands at the US $ 8 million and an extra of $824,000 to support Targeted Affordable Housing for an additional 40 individuals. It will involve the cost of acquisition of materials needed for the construction.
  2. Tenant-Based Vouchers- a budget of US$ 2 million will help assist individuals and families who are currently on DC housing authority waiting least. It will help pay for affordable housing for such individuals through private housing markets. It will be available to families and individuals with meager income
  3. Rental Assistance- a budget of $ 3.5 million will help provide operational assistance for units that serve low-income families.
  4. Human resource (Salaries)- US$ 1.5 million will pay the salaries and wages of workers involved in the project
  5. Staffing resources- The project will need project managers, urban engineers, designers, architects, electricians, plumbers and construction officers, among other workers. The staff in the project will work towards the interest of the shareholders and ensure the attainment of set goals and objectives.

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