Advertising, Typography, and You


Microsoft corporation is an American multinational technology company with headquarters in Redmond, Washington. It develops and sells computer software and such related services. It is successful because t it is used by most people, including myself who enjoy the experience. They also have good profit. Microsoft has a huge impact in society because among their core values are Employee Experience, charity and Education. The windows logo is unique and easily identifiable because of the orange, green, blue and yellow colors. It was initially founded to develop basic interpreters but has since risen to dominate the pc operating system market. I am drawn to Microsoft because of their quality products and get emotions of satisfaction while using them. I would consider it a part of my identity. I wouldn’t give it up for another brand. I have used it since I could operate a computer and still do because it is the best.

(b) Rolex

Rolex is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland. It is successful because they have excellent products. They have had a huge impact in society because they are a fashion statement and are easily identified by the crown logo. The idea behind Rolex is to create beautiful watches. I was drawn to it because it has a good look and I consider it personal identity. I would not give it up as it is part of my identity. I have been wearing one for about five years.


  1. Fonts.

My favorite font to use is Times New Roman as it is mostly used for academic writing. I use different fonts depending on the subject. Your choice of font says a lot about you as you have to be aware of the correct font to use for different subjects. This could determine your success or failure and ultimately your future.

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