● What does the industry project for growth?

Expedia Group, Inc. Travel Agency

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Section I: Industry overview 

Key Products and Services 

In this section you will discuss the different products/services that your industry provides. This is NOT about your company, but rather the INDUSTRY in which it operates. You need to go into detail about different levels of service (e.g. for f and b: quick service, fast casual, casual, etc.; for lodging: motel, limited service, full service, luxury, etc.). You need to discuss how each of these types/levels of product offerings differ from each other within your particular industry. What are some of the key differentiators between the different brands out there?

Size and Growth (+1 page – single spaced)

Again, you are not looking at “hospitality” but the subset of that industry to which your company belongs. Financial performance in this section deals with the industry and NOT analysis of your specific company – that will come in Section II. How has the industry done in recent years and what are the projections for the future. This is another opportunity to use a chart to show financial performance of the industry over multiple years. Do not deal with quarters but focus on annual performance.

Key items to include (written into paragraphs):

● What % of GDP does this segment represent?

● What have been the annual sales for the industry?

● How many people does it employ?

● How many rooms/restaurants/locations etc.?

● How has it performed, grown, shrunk, etc. over the last 5 years?

● What does the industry project for growth? More inventory? Less inventory? Growth/contraction?

This is not a complete list, but rather an idea of what is expected. You need to show the state and expected growth or contraction of the industry using real data from real analysts. You need to interpret what all the data means! Don’t just list it out, tell the reader what it means for your industry.


1. Use Library Resources. There is Libguide for HFT 4294 that will have several helpful databases listed. You will need to login to the Library website using your FIU credentials. Then go to: https://library.fiu.edu/hft4294. Use the “Industry Analysis” tab.

2. https://www.google.com/finance

3. https://finance.yahoo.com/

4. Industry reports from your specific segment

Degree of Industry Concentration (+1/2 page – single spaced)

For this section you need to research the “degree of industry concentration” for your particular organization’s subset of the industry.

Your research should indicate the following (write it out in paragraphs):

● Low, medium, high degree of concentration

● Do only a few companies hold the majority of the market share (high concentration)?

● Is market share spread across many companies (low concentration)?

● What percentage of the market your company, as well as its top competitors, each hold respectively

● Interpretation of what this level of concentration means for your company as well as that segment of the industry.

Resources: same as above

Government Regulation (+/-1 page – single spaced)

For this section please determine the major government regulations (and the bodies that enforce those regulations) with which your particular segment must comply. Some examples include: ADA, credit card processing, customer data safety, safety and security, food safety (local and national), alcohol, customer rights, truth in advertising, etc.

There is no need for you to look at ALL the laws and regulations. Please pick the TOP THREE most impactful laws/regulations to your industry. For each, discuss (1) the law/regulation and what it is trying to impact, (2) the regulatory body which enforces it, and (3) the possible or actual impact it has on your segment of the industry.


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